Play in school is never considered important in many schools. There are many schools where the time set for Physical exercises is replaced by other subjects which the teachers think are more important. It is very important for teachers/care givers to understand the value of children playing. In many cases, play is used as a therapy in children. It helps in reducing stress as the students are engaged in fun filled games. Children also remain healthy as they are engaged in physical exercises. As a result children engaged in the exercises learn how to work with others thus encouraging team work and human interaction.

Macheo has recognized the importance of play in children and has been implementing sports and games activities with the aim of achieving a child friendly environment in 13 schools in Thika. Children have a chance to enjoy and develop their physical, mental, emotional, health and also nurture their talents.

We are grateful to our donors for their generous contribution and making it possible to run this program. The impact has enhanced child participation in schools.