Pregnancy-related school drop-outs have become a matter of public concern throughout Kenya. In most cases these schoolgirls either resort to unsafe and illegal abortions or face school expulsion. Girls who drop out of school due to pregnancy usually do not return to complete their education after childbirth, and find their opportunities for socio-economic advancement are limited and they may lead to early teenage marriages. The high rates of schoolgirl pregnancies however suggest that sexuality still have shortcomings, and that educational policies should attempt not only to reduce schoolgirl pregnancies, but also to assist pregnant schoolgirls to complete their education.

In an attempt to educate adolescents girls about the consequences and responsibilities associated with sexual activities, Macheo’s programs on health care, reaches out to teenage mother focusing on changing negative cultural perceptions towards Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) issues by the community; hence reducing social isolation through provision of safe spaces for teenage mothers to meet in Kiandutu where they are provided with new skills and information to reduce the high rates of unwanted pregnancies and guidance on misinformation on SRH issues.

As Macheo we appreciate the generous contributions by our donors.