Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC) constitute the most vulnerable members of the society because they lack the most basic needs such as food, health care, shelter and education. In addition they are stigmatized, thus exposing them to further abuse and exploitation. At the community and family level there is increased stress on the extended families as they try to care for these children while an increasing number of elderly and young children are forced to become heads.

At Macheo Children Home, we provide fulltime care for vulnerable children, who are unable to live with their families as the condition at home are not suitable for them. We believe that children should develop to their fullest while they are able to remain with their siblings within a family situation. By investing in the future of the vulnerable children through education we provide a home like environment at the children centre, while working with their parents at home to prepare them for reintegration. Activities like community mobilization and capacity building are held to address and promote psychosocial support to enhance child’s social, mental and emotional well being when they go back home. Vulnerable children are enrolled to get education support thus enhancement of school enrolment and retention are achieved.

We appreciate the work and generous contribution of our donors.