Macheo Children’s Centre believes that delivery of good-quality education is ultimately contingent on what happens in the classroom, and teachers are in the front line of service. The most important determinant of educational quality is the teacher. Teachers often do not have the opportunity for further training or to share experiences with other teachers. They do not feel empowered to make innovations to the way they teach, leading to a low quality education for the children in their schools. Due to the high numbers of pupils joining public schools, the ratio of teachers and pupils is so low.

At Macheo we conduct regular teachers training to motivate them, to improve their skills and confidence. Through the direct and engaging approach with teachers, ministries of education officers and schools administration, we increase student retention, enrollment, attendance and learning, as well as student motivation. Teachers feel empowered to make positive change in the way they handle children. By building the capacity of teachers, our approach transforms the learning process in the classroom and the community at large. During the year 2015 more than 400 teachers from twenty schools were reached.

We thank our donors for the continued support.