Macheo Children’s Centre believes that the educational environment for children should be safe and healthy. It promotes Child-friendly environment in schools with an aim of protecting the rights of children, developing a learning environment in which children are motivated and able to learn. Where the Staff/teachers in the school are friendly, welcoming to children and attend to all their health and safety needs. As the school prepared to close for the August holidays, Macheo held a fun day at Umoja primary where talents show casing was emphasized. By holding the event and allowing participation, all students were given recognition for non‐academic talents. It also provided character‐ building lessons during try ‐ outs, practice and performance. It was a wonderful team-building experience for all ages.

Talent shows brought great way to celebrate the performing talents of students. They crossed all socioeconomic and cultural boundaries. The encouragement of the talents went beyond providing an environment where an unusual hiden ability of children thrives. They are truly important for children’s healthy emotional and intellectual development. Involvement and participation builds confidence and sensitivity in children, teach related academic skills, leads to adult appreciation and cultural support for the talents.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn talents about your peers that you might have not known and for any student to get a chance to be involved and show what they got.” Joyce Murugi, a student from Barracks primary school said.

We thank our partners for their support.