Every school holiday Macheo Children’s Centre Organizes seminars for the Secondary School Program students to equip them with life skills that allows them to create a life plan and equip them with skills to take steps toward achieving their goals. The seminar is structured in a way that each student receives encouragement in becoming more aware and developing those parts of themselves which will make them more confident and effective.

The August holiday seminar was held on Tuesday 16th September 2016 and during the seminar, students learnt what it meant to be responsible, without giving up. It was a lively atmosphere that kept them involved and interested. Students were urged to practice making choices and dealing with the consequences of what they have chosen. In the process, they would be free to let go of manipulative behavior patterns such as low self esteem. They were helped to better understand healthy personal behaviors, thus decreasing outcomes such as teen pregnancies, drug and alcohol use, and interpersonal violence. As a result they would increase their sense of self-esteem and expectations for their future.

At Macheo we believe that life skills’ learning works and has an impact on the behaviour and choices made by children and young people.

We are so grateful to our partners for their support. It is due to the continued commitment and support from your partnership with Macheo that the dreams of these student becomes a reality.