Macheo Children’s Centre places a strong focus on investing in adolescents and development, health and human rights, particularly for vulnerable girls. That’s why we deliver diverse programmes in schools to increase adolescence and young people’s decision-making power to give them a voice within their school and communities. The young adolescents are empowered especially on their sexual and reproductive health and rights. These include enabling adolescents to gain knowledge, skills and confidence through Sexuality Education (SE).

We also support bold initiatives that reach the most vulnerable adolescent girls, focusing on hygiene through provision of sanitary towels, keeping girls healthy and in school, eliminating early child marriage, delaying pregnancy and building their life skills and decision-making capacity, especially through delivering sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health services referrals.

Working in partnership with our Partners, the Kenya Governments through the Ministry of Education and Health, community leaders, we also supports initiatives to make existing sexual and reproductive health services more available to be supportive and respectful toward adolescents and youth. Key service components include: access to sexual and reproductive health information, counselling, quality referral and the prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

We are so grateful to our partners for their continued support on behalf of the beneficiaries.