Transition from alternative care can be challenging for young children. It is widely recognized that a safe and secure family is the optimal environment for the growth and development of children. Maximum efforts should therefore be made to reintegrate children who are currently separated back into their families and communities.

Macheo recognizes that it is vital to support the central importance of family unity to child well-being and development. We actively explore reintegration with a child’s family of origin as the first priority. Once children are reunited with their families, Macheo support and encourage participation of parenting in prevention programs to reduce maltreatment incidences, the reunification of families, improved emotional adjustment in children, and the opportunity for parents to demonstrate responsibility to ensure that reintegration is lasting. We support and provide counselling, facilitate families’ access to social protection benefits and make sure that children have the academic support required to catch up at a new school.

We continue to thank our partners for their support.