Raising children can be physical and emotional challenging, for parents who are struggling in life. That’s why parent/caregivers need all the support they can get to give them joy when caring for children. This helps to keep their relationship strong with their children. Care for Macheo means the availability of a responsible, positive and loving adult(s). They fulfill the parental role in the life of a child by providing the child’s needs in a consistent manner. They enable children to access essential services such as birth registration programs, education, health services and social protection.

Macheo Children Centre support families who are striving to care for their children. We believe that parent/caregivers need capacities to provide care by increasing their potential. It includes assistance intended to build the capacity of parents and caregivers and strengthen community protection mechanisms. Macheo seeks to nurture hope and create safety in the lives of vulnerable children and families by providing high quality care, shelter, education, and treatment.

Over the past years, Macheo Children’s Centre has helped many children and families to rebuild their lives and find hope, safety and a pathway to a brighter tomorrow. We thank our partners for their continued support.