Children have the rights to protection, freedom from violence & exploitation and to a safe and supportive environment. It is imperative that a safe and conducive environment be created and maintained for children to enable them to grow, develop and mature properly during the period of their childhood.

Macheo believes that every child has an equal chance at life, to have an opportunity to not just survive but to thrive, and to be free from violence, abuse and neglect. We acknowledge that this is also the legal right of every child. Macheo Children’s Home houses rescued children in need of temporary care and protection. We offer shelter and safe houses to the rescued children who, for one reason or another, have not found alternative families and have to be placed in the children homes temporarily as reintegration back to homes or another alternative is sought.

We work to ensure that every single child who needs to be in school is in school, communities are aware of the risks which children face. The communities are empowered to ensure that they addresses certain
‘taboo’ issues and to ensure that monitoring is in place to identify children who are at risk.

On behalf of all our beneficiaries of this program we would like to express our gratitude for embarking this journey together with Macheo Children’s Centre.