Every child deserves a quality education which includes a gender equality dimension. Macheo’s mission in the education domain is to increase children’s access to quality education. We are guided by three common principle: children are ready for schools, schools are ready for children, parents and community are ready to play their role. We come up with interventions that follow fundamental elements such as safe and conducive school environments, with access to clean water and adequate sanitation facilities that promote regular attendance. Realizing the value of teachers, we understand that when teachers are adequately trained, supported and incentivized, we can achieve gains in learning outcomes.

Similarly, education systems strengthened with governance, monitoring capability and utilizing a curriculum that enables effective teaching and learning, enable us to strive for better performance. Most importantly, Macheo advocate for children to go through early childhood education prior to primary education, receive adequate nutrition, basic health care and information. These elements are translated into our programs and compose our key portfolios of Food & Nutrition, Shelter, Care, Protection, Health, Psycho-social well-being.

We are so grateful to our partners for their support.