Teenage pregnancy has many risks and consequences. The risks cross two generations simultaneously, that of the young mother and that of her child. For the mother, pregnancy at an early age may mean leaving home, dropping out of school, social isolation, poor health and little or no access to prenatal care. For the child, it may mean low birth weight or premature birth with its associated impact on subsequent development.

Macheo’s teen mothers’ empowerment program provides socio-emotional support to young mothers in the slums of Kiandutu. The program is designed to equip young parents to break the vulnerability cycle by preventing further abuse, educating them about child development, providing entrepreneurial training and by increasing the number of young mothers who can go back to school.

Macheo believes that women are at the heart of most societies. Regardless of whether they are working or not, mothers are very influential people in children’s lives. Empowering girls is one of the most important investments for the future of their children. Empowerment and Education has a profound effect on girls’ and women’s ability to claim other rights and achieve status in society, such as economic independence and political representation. Having an education can make an enormous difference to a woman’s chances of finding well-paid work, raising a healthy family and preventing the spread of diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

On behalf of all our beneficiaries of this program we would like to express our gratitude for embarking this journey together with Macheo Children’s Centre.