Today’s children face many challenges that deter them from reaching their full potential. Children face multiple violence, diseases, discrimination and physical/emotional abuse. Beyond reading, writing and arithmetic, a child’s ability to navigate this increasingly complex world requires a broad set of competencies, cognitive, social and practical awareness.

At Macheo, we believe that life skills are part of a rights-based approach to learning. Children are fundamentally entitled to quality education that respects their dignity and expands their abilities to live a life they value and to transform the societies in which they live. The term ‘life skills’ refers to a broad group of psychosocial and interpersonal skills that can help children make informed decisions, communicate effectively and navigate their surroundings.

By weaving life skills into the fabric of our educational systems, we equip children with the necessary tools to cope with challenge and confidently make their way in the world. Life skills education is particularly important in such critical areas of child abuse prevention, care & support and child protection. Our aim is to arm children with knowledge for their defense in the face of potential harm. By teaching children how to make informed decisions and navigate their way in a world beset by challenge, life skills equip, enable and empower tomorrow’s leaders.

On behalf of all our beneficiaries of this program we would like to express our gratitude for embarking this journey together with Macheo Children’s Centre.