Teenage pregnancy continues to be a reality in Kenya – resulting in many girls dropping out of school each year. The inability of a pregnant girl or young mother to continue school can be one of the most harmful and psychologically distressing aspects of early pregnancy / motherhood. This has an additional long-term, career-crippling impact. Many of these girls are also abandoned by their boyfriends and immediate family members. Destitute, they have no hope for the future and no way to support themselves and their children.

Macheo’s teen mothers program provides an appropriate alternative for pregnant girls and teenage mothers to ensure they can make educational or skills progress. We empower the pregnant girls with knowledge that fosters healthier pregnancies, healthier babies and healthier relationships between parents and babies. We also support the girls through psycho-social counseling, skills training Рfocused on helping them get their lives back on track. With this support, the girls are able to continue to learn and take the next step towards self-sufficiency.

We are grateful to our partners for their support.