Education is one of the fundamental human rights. It is critical for the development of individuals and societies. It helps in paving the way to a successful and productive future. Quality basic education better equips girls and boys with the knowledge and skills necessary to adopt healthy lifestyles that protects themselves and take an active role in social, economic and political decision-making as they transition to adolescence and adulthood. This create a ripple effect and opportunities that impacts generations as educated adults are most likely to make informed decisions.

At Macheo we work tirelessly to ensure that every child – regardless of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or circumstances – has access to a quality inclusive education. We focus on gender equality and work towards eliminating disparities of all kinds. Our innovative programmes and initiatives target the most disadvantaged children: the excluded, the vulnerable and the invisible (children living disabilities). In addition, we address some of societies’ deeply rooted inequalities which condemn vulnerable children, particularly girls, to a life without quality education – and, therefore, to a life of missed opportunities. We understand that each one of these children has dreams that may never be fulfilled, potential that may never be realized. By ensuring that every child has access to quality learning, we lay the foundation for growth, transformation, innovation, opportunity and equality.

We continue thanking our partners for their continued support.