Macheo Children’s Centre sees families as central to supporting the growth and development of children and young people. The main focus of these services is on early intervention aiming to promote and protect the health, well-being and rights of all children, young people and their families. For this reason, we offer family support services to families that require intensive and individualized support to help them build their capacity and confidence to support children and young people in their care.

Our first aim in supporting families is to build a trusting relationship with all family members. We empower families by letting them have full control in relation to the level and type of support we offer. We see our role as working alongside families. As opposed to imposing a set of goals on a family, our aim is to work with the family to identify goals chosen by the family, and we then work side-by-side to build the family’s capacity and confidence to achieve these goals. Once we have identified a goal with a family, we then sit down with the family and work on the ways in which the goal can be achieved. We then identify the small steps to realize this goal, and we provide side-by-side support aligned to this goal.

Through your support and partnership, our family empowerment program, has transformed parents to be better care givers, improved parenting skills and have improved self-esteem.