As stipulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), all children have the right to protection from all forms of violence, injury or abuse, neglect, child labor, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse and exploitation.

Macheo Children’s Centre is dedicated in promoting children’s rights and ensuring their welfare and physical security are recognized, safeguarded and protected in accordance to international standards. Child protection is a central and fundamental aspect of our overall accountability towards the children we serve. Our Child Protection policy provides guidelines for Macheo and the staffs to create safe environments for children. It is a tool that protects both children and staff by clearly defining what action is required in order to keep children safe, and ensuring a consistency of behaviour so that all staff follow the same process. We are very committed in implementing its work in a manner that is consistent with this Child Protection Policy. Our staffs take responsibility for all actions undertaken, decisions made and policies complied with.

In our working regions, Macheo also work with partners to support communities to help them prioritize children’s needs and build capacity to better care for and protect their children. This includes bringing community members together to understand child care, return children to school and reunite children with their families for quality care.

We thank our partners for the support they have given to Macheo Children’s Centre.