For many girls, what should be a celebration of womanhood becomes a time of shame, embarrassment and stigmatization with dire consequences that affects their education and consequently their future. The onset of puberty marks a sharp decline in school attendance and could even lead to girls dropping out of school completely. One of the reasons for this high drop-out rate is the lack of sanitary protection and lack of knowledge around adolescent. Absence of appropriate sanitary materials to absorb menstrual flow does not only affect female’s reproductive health but their acquisition of education.

Macheo Children’s Centre is committed to ensuring that all girls reach their full potential in life. One of our most successful program that helps in keeping girls at schools is the sanitary pads program. We ensure that girls don’t drop out by offering them free, sanitary towels for use during their periods. Apart from facilitating girls with sanitary towels, we encourage group discussions around girls’ issues on reproductive health. With the provision of sanitary kits, we give school girls a means to hygienically care for themselves while on their periods so that they can participate in their classes.

We also work hard to improve the environment for the girls to be friendly. These include access to menstrual hygiene materials, latrines and places to change, safe water and sanitation, and good hygiene practices like hand washing with soap. When encouraged, girls have the potential to change negative social norms and pave a brighter future for themselves and their future families.

Macheo is grateful to our generous committed partners, who make our work possible. We proudly acknowledge their trust and support.