The Kenya government offer health and nutrition services intended to meet the needs of its citizens. But despite their best efforts, limited resources often constrain their ability to do so. Unfortunately, those who need services the most tend to go un-reached. In most cases, disadvantaged families such as those with little or no income have no money to access health facilities and more often than not will just ignore the illness hoping it will go away. This becomes very risky, especially where a child is involved. Lack of intervention at the earliest prevention or curative stages can lead to serious health issues that may affect the child’s overall well-being.

This is where Macheo comes in. We provide health and nutrition interventions and services to under served vulnerable children or their parent/guardians. Macheo directly intervenes by paying for the clients’ medical/health costs, and in some instances physically accompanying clients to hospital for psycho-social, logistical, case management and administrative reasons. We seek to support initiatives that are complementary to what parent miss. We go as far as referring beneficiaries for medication, provision of medical levies and home visit follow ups to monitor progress, advocating for waiver of medical levies, accompanying beneficiaries to the hospital for easy access to medical services and creating networks for easy referrals.

Thanks to the support of our partners, we are able to reach out to this vulnerable children/guardians hope for a promising healthy future.