34 years old Jackline, hadd been planning a hospital birth, as her previous four had been but towards the end of her pregnancy the doctors were on strike. She is among many mothers who instead of looking forward to the joy of giving birth, was filled with worries as she braved the chilly idea that she was going to give birth without the help of the doctors. What if something or complication would arise, what would happen to her and her child, she would ask her self. By good luck she delivered a baby girl, whom she named Sifuna without any complication. Without proper care at the hospital, she was discharged and went home the day after delivery. “At the hospital there was no one to examine the baby if she was ok”, narrated Jackline. Exhausted and tired she also didn’t have the time to check on the wellness of her baby until after four days when she noticed that she had a swollen hand. Jackline immediately suspected that something might have gone wrong during the time of delivery. She went to a nearby clinic and the doctor recommended an x-ray to be done to ascertain if the child had a broken born. Since she dint have the money for an x-ray she went back home. Our social worker met Jackline and intervened by taking her back to to a private hospital. Macheo supported baby Sifuna by paying for her x-ray, which confirmed that she had a broken hard. Sifuna received treatment and her hand stabilized with plaster of paris. She is doing well and was scheduled to visit the hospital every two weeks for medical check ups and progress.

Partnering with local health workers, we provide a wide range of simple health interventions. Lack of intervention at the earliest prevention or curative stages can lead to serious health issues that may affect the child’s overall wellbeing lose. By focusing on taking care of mothers, newborns and children, with special attention to vulnerable communities, children like Sifuna get the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong.

*Name changed for protection

Thank you to our partners, children like baby Sifuna are well taken care of.