Many kids in Kenya are facing the school day on an empty stomach because there isn’t enough food at home. The current drought period which was declared a national disaster by the government has caused real shortage of food and water. This has made it even harder for vulnerable families to access food as the food prices have also gone up.

However, with Macheo, none of the most vulnerable children in 28 schools we feed have to worry about where their main meal is coming from, and that takes some of the pressure off the parent and crucially, allows them to attend school and gain education. We’re ending childhood hunger by connecting school children with feeding programs like school porridge for breakfast and lunches.

The impact of the school feeding programs on educational outcomes shows that school feeding increases attendance by reducing drop-out. Enhanced nutrition and health of primary schoolchildren leads to improved learning and decreased morbidity, paving the way for healthier lives. Our feeding program not only alleviates child hunger in schools, but also enhances nutrition, particularly when the food is fortified with micronutrients. This raises the potential to improve a child’s health, school performance and educational attainment.

This work is accomplished through the help of our partners, made up of private citizens, government officials and nonprofits Organizations. We are working with these partners to implement on interventions that break down the barriers that keep kids in school.