As the world faces various kinds of discrimination and inequality in the allocation of power based on gender, girls and women are becoming victims, especially in the rural and urban slums. However, these women are capable of choosing their own lives and changing their social, economical, and political situation through empowerment. Women tend to engage in non-income generating activities such as household labor, raising children and looking after the elderly. They also tend to be excluded from inheriting and possessing assets such as land and livestock – which weaken their rights to have opinions at home. Women also have a high risk of HIV infection for reasons such as entering sex industry for income while they have little information and knowledge about HIV and AIDS.

Macheo believes gender equality and empowerment of women are essential in solving the issues of poverty in developing countries and making the world a place where not only girls but all children can make the most of their abilities. In the community of Iembeni and Kiandutu, Macheo’s economic empowerment programming is giving rise to a new wave of financially independent women who are not only saving money, but also lives too.

By Investing in women’s economic empowerment we build a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth where everyone stands to benefit. With our interventions, we have experienced that women who earn income will invest it back into their families – enabling their children to attend school, eat nutritious food, receive crucial medical checkups, and enjoy an overall brighter future.

We are grateful to our partners and supporters for making this work possible.