Anna likes education very much. She lost her parent when she was in class four and her my grandmother had a challenge of looking after 12 children whom most of them did not get a chance to go to school. Since her parent died, all she was told is to become a good and obedient girl. This was to keep in line with her family’s cultural norms. “I was not supposed to speak in-front of people, speak loudly or express my views”. Her relatives kept telling her to learn how to cook nice food and learn how to keep the house tidy (house work). This would guarantee her of getting a nice man so that she can take care of him, his home and family after I finish class eight’’.

She ran away from home and went to the streets. ‘I felt odd about this, I knew I should study hard, but what was the point of it if I was going though, locked up in a house full of babies, and in a kitchen with pots and pan like many of my fellow girls in our community? My mother faced the same situation, i just dint want to follow her footstep, No one encouraged me to work hard in school to gain knowledge. Life in the streets was very hard for me and i could not go back home since i was seen as an outcast. Thanks to Macheo, they rescued me from the streets and took me to a children’s home where we are well taken care of.

Now i can dream again, my future plan is to continue with my education and become a teacher. I want to take control of my life, that’s why am grateful to Macheo for the ensuring our rights as children are protected”.

For Macheo protecting children like Anna* remains a priority: we’re campaigning against child marriage and abuse and defending children’s rights to healthcare and education, making sure children’s voices are heard in the process.

We are so grateful to our partners for their support.

*Name changed for privacy.