In Kenya, many families live on less than $1.90 each day, which pushes children to drop out of school to find jobs and help provide for their families. At Macheo we believe the best way to care for vulnerable children is to help them and their families before they become abandoned. That’s why our intervention on economic household empowerment provides support to disadvantaged families around urban and rural areas of Murang’a, Machakos and Kiambu counties. We work directly with families and communities to help them to effectively protect and care for their children.

We target disadvantaged families to prevent crises that can in the worst case scenario lead to child abandonment. The programs offered enable parents to better care for their children through:
• skills training
• small business and micro enterprise initiatives
• community development programs on child protection.

Our interventions of seed capital strengthen and ensure that children have access to essential services, support families to protect and care for their children. They also strengthen support systems for vulnerable children and their families within the community. We offer families support in the short, medium and long-term. They do this in order to not only meet the more immediate needs of families and vulnerable children, but also to support families to become self-sufficient and to reach the long-term goal of having the ability to support vulnerable families without the assistance of Macheo Children’s Centre.

We are so grateful to our partners for their generous support.