As the food crisis in Kenya continues to worsen, Macheo will continue to provide school meals which are not just a powerful incentive to come to school, but a vital lifeline for vulnerable children in desperate need of nourishment. Macheo Children’s Centre provides a hot lunch to around 9,000 pupils daily in 21 schools. School meals provide a critical safety net, especially for girls, encouraging more regular attendance at school and improving the enrollment and transition to higher education. The meals are a key investment in many children’s futures and they also boost the local economies. We work extensively in helping alleviate hunger in schools.

*Nicholus Atuoma is a 13 year old vulnerable child from Makutano primary school and is one of the beneficiaries depending on our school feeding program for what is more often his only meal of the day.

“I feel weak when I’ve not eaten,” Atuoma says. “My tummy is full of pain and I get a big headache. During the school holidays, we would miss to eat for a few days each week and i longed for school to open so that we can resume eating at school. I don’t know what’s going to happen if the school don’t feed us anymore. Most of us come from very needy homes. The lunch we get in school is balanced and gives us strength to study,” the class seven pupil continued. “If there’s any leftover food, our cooks give it to the neediest pupils to take home.”

“Now, we don’t have to worry if we go to bed without anything, we know that we will get the porridge and lunch at school and we can rely on that.”

We are so grateful to our partners for their support in this program.

*Name changed for privacy and protection