Adolescent girls should be at the heart of a life course approach—a young adolescent girl is still a child, but often she will soon become a mother. Adolescent pregnancy is associated with higher risk of maternal mortality and morbidity, stillbirths, neonatal deaths, preterm births, and low birth weight.

At Macheo we believe that the health and nutrition status of teenage mothers and children are intimately linked. By Improving the health of the mothers and children, therefore, begins with ensuring the health and nutritional status of women throughout all stages of pregnancy’s life, and it continues with women being providers for their children and families. Thus, our priority on teen mothers empowerment and women’s full and equal access to, and control over, social protection and resources such as income. In addition to actions to prevent adolescent pregnancy and encourage pregnancy spacing, we train on efforts that are required to ensure that pregnant and lactating teenage mothers are adequately nourished. Direct multisectoral actions to tackle critical women’s nutritional challenges, such as iron deficiency anaemia, need to be rolled out on a larger scale to achieve universal coverage.

Our holistic approach to combating malnutrition is only possible because of you. Thanks to your support, young teenage mothers are starting their own businesses, others going back to school, and a majority of them have the knowledge they need to keep their babies healthy.