Jackline Mbaliru is 37 years old and is a single mother. She has 2 children with whom she stays with at Ruiru area opposite the ruiru Prison. She has rented a single room where she stays with her children. During a field visit, Jackline was identified by one of our area social workers, who latter referred her for house hold intervention. Macheo also did its assessment and came up with a number of findings as follows. Jackline is jobless, she has being chased out of the rental house due to non payment. She had nowhere to stay during the time she was evicted in her house. Her children had gone without food for days and without a shelter. The children were also missing school as they lacked the school basic needs.

The client was enrolled in the household and seed capital intervention where we did our normal process of empowerment starting with training through seminars as well as giving of personal information during the home visits. In the seminars she was empowered on soft skills such as analytical thinking, communications skills, financial literacy, family planning, safe parenting and inclusion awareness.She was given Kshs. 6000 for seed capital to start a small business. She decided to be cooking chapatti and Githeri. The business picked well and she started saving and catering for the needs of her family. So far the progress is good since she has been able to rent her own house, provide basic needs for her children with ease. She has also expanded her work and is now selling green groceries.

Jackline has not only benefited from it personally, but has helped to make important changes in her community. “The lessons on health and wellness opened my eyes to the importance of cleanliness in keeping me and those around me healthy. Before the training I was not aware of basic hygiene and would only quickly rinse utensils before serving food. I realised this was a risk for my family, as the utensils would not be clean and would put my family at risk of disease,” say Jackline. Jackline taught her family about keeping their home clean. “My children help me sweep our compound and the rooms, and wash all the clothes and utensils. I constructed a rack to dry utensils after washing.”
This is a great achievement for Macheo since her living standards of her family have been upgraded.

We are so grateful to our partners for their continued support