Family planning is a fundamental right. A major barrier to family planning is that many vulnerable women and girls are unable to exercise their rights and make decisions over their own healthcare, including family planning. More surprisingly perhaps, it’s also vital to improving children’s chances of survival but for many women and adolescent girls, family planning is not accessible, or affordable. Others are unable to use it because of social or cultural attitudes, or are unwilling to use it for ill-informed fears of the side-effects and the many myths surrounding contraception.

At Macheo we believe that when women and especially girls if empowered can make their own decisions over when and whether to become pregnant. We carry out seminars on reproductive health activities for awareness creation and continued use of family planning so that a woman is able to plan for her future, complete her education if in school and find decent employment. This it helps families to achieve their goals on development, and improve their lives.

We are grateful to our partners for their continued support.