Many adolescent girls know little or nothing about family planning, let alone where to get it. Their low status within their families, communities and societies mean they lack the power to make their own decisions about whether or when to have a baby.

Macheo Children’s centre is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls. We believe that no girl should die giving birth, and no child should die as a result of its mother being too young. Our teen mother’s intervention helps teens and young mothers establish their voices, enhance skills and develop confidence. This helps them to make informed decisions about family planning to prevent more pregnancies, to have healthy relationships, character development, careers and financial literacy.

We provide a culturally rich environment in which teen mothers develop healthy, holistic living practices that cultivates a sense of positive energy and self-worth that guides them in becoming empowered, self-confident nurturing women/mothers. We offer them opportunities to build positive parenting skills and access to resources that support mothers on their parenting journey.

We are so grateful to our partners for their continued support.