Teenage motherhood can be a significant barrier for communities seeking to raise education levels and break the cycle of vulnerability. When girls drop out of school due to teenage pregnancies or to get married, there is a knock-on effect for the community as a whole, and for future generations. Girls who marry young, inevitably have children early, and have many children, because their knowledge of contraception is poor and their power to negotiate to family planning is weak. Evidence suggests that children of young, uneducated mothers are less likely to have a good start to their education, do well in class or continue beyond the minimum schooling. Their daughters especially are likely to get pregnant at an early age, drop out of school, marry young and begin the cycle again.

Macheo Children’s Centre with support from our partners has taken action by supporting and raising awareness on teenage mothers. Our teenage mother intervention identify, rehabilitate and empower pregnant teen mothers and child mothers through mentoring in life skills and integration to either school, vocational training or setting up businesses for them. They are supported, guided and counselled thus increasing their level of participation and speaking out on rights violations.

By providing access to skills for child mothers, we addresses the social and emotional learning needs of these teenage mothers; including identifying their strengths and goals, discussing the importance of taking care of their children and identifying a career path that will maximize their ability to function independently as a young parent.

On behalf of the beneficiaries of the teen mothers interventions, we are so grateful to our partners for their continued support.