At Macheo we not only acknowledge teachers’ efforts but also try to elevate their motivation to teach. Being part of the creating a child friendly environment, teachers receive the necessary support to become problem solvers for the betterment of education. This is how an act as simple as befriending, encouraging and assigning responsibility to a learner transforms children in school and at home.

A casing example is of Ericana, a standard six teacher at Garrissa road primary school. She is among the teachers in the schools we work with who feel very inspired by learning about creating a school friendly environment for learners. She noted that she and her teacher colleagues used to beat and verbally abuse learners who were in-disciplined in their schools. Through training, we have been able to change the mindset of the teachers by giving them information on how to work with such students. We try to improve the environment in a classroom by giving information to teachers on how to engage their students and make the best out of them.

“There was a very stubborn boy called *Muchai (not his real names) in my class, who used to make noise and play a lot during lessons, eat in class and fight his classmates”. By Knowing about changing my attitudes and mindset, it made me believe that I could support Muchai to become a better person. “I made him my focus and decided to become a friend to him and other children in my class. I took a step to encourage and give Muchai some responsibilities such as appointing him as the class prefect in the classroom. With the close relationship existing between him and I, Muchai’s behaviour started to improve. “He is no longer stubborn like he used to be,” noted Ericana. She further said, “I bought him a pencil which made him very happy. However, one of the girls in class stole his pencil. Instead of beating her, Muchai reported the matter to me. He feels so free with me that he even approaches me just to greet me. He is now a very happy learner.”

Ericana encourages other teachers to resist from punishing learners but to instead use positive ways to enforce discipline. This is because punishment makes the learners to become fearful and some of them may run away from school.

Such positive comments could not have been achieved if it wasn’t the support we received from our partners. On behalf our beneficiaries we are so grateful to you for making this possible.