Ever since its establishment in 2005, the objective of Macheo has been to give children in Kenya a better future. A considerable team of people now work at Macheo in Kenya – and a group in the Netherlands and United States also do their fair share.


The story of Macheo

Macheo Children’s Centre was founded in 2005 by Marnix Huis in ‘t Veld and Maureen Kromowirjo from The Netherlands. Macheo started with a children’s home for 56 orphaned and vulnerable children and has been growing ever since.

Our foundations

Our vision & principles

Ever since its establishment, the objective of Macheo has been to give children in Kenya a better future and to improve the circumstances in which many Kenyan children grow up. It’s not for nothing that we’re called Macheo, which means ‘sunrise’ in Swahili.

Our vision & principles

The organization

Macheo Children’s Centre is the main organization in Kenya, under which all the activities fall, such as the Children’s Home, our Outreach programs and the Income-generating projects. Macheo Children’s Centre Kenya is supported by the Macheo Nederland Foundation and Macheo United States Foundation.

Our organization

Our strategy & impact

In the coming years, Macheo plans to further empower its current management structures to reach ever higher levels of impact, transparency and continuous improvement. Higher impact can also be achieved by strengthening strategic partnerships with stakeholders, partners, Government of Kenya and other NGO’s.

Our strategy and impact

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Income generating projects

To become less dependent on donor funding and to create more flexibility in our cash flows we have started several income generating projects: fruit & vegetable farming, livestock and safari’s.

On our own two feet

Partners and sponsors

Macheo’s activities are initiated and organized together with the local community, various (inter-) national NGO’s and the Kenyan Government. We are grateful to our sponsors who enable our work.

Our partners & sponsors

Publications & annual reports

The most important documents, forms and information on child-sponsoring and periodic donations are listed here.

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