During the establishment of Macheo, we were helped enormously by the warm contributions of sponsors and donors. However, even from the start, we wanted to be less dependent on help from external sources. That is the only way that the children’s home will be assured a stable flow of income in the future.

It is also important for the children’s self-image to see that our earnings are the result of our own hard work and not only as the result of donations from the West. With our income-generating products, we are now well on our way to footing a considerable amount of the ongoing costs ourselves.

We try to become less dependent from donors through dairy, open field and greenhouse farming. At the farm we have 25 cows, a fishing pond, a dog breeding project and many other income generating activities.


In the future, the cow project should become an important cornerstone under a less dependent Macheo. With the calves, we are trying to create a constant/steady population of milking cows that will ensure a stable stream of income. We’re using the profits to fund the education programme. This video about the cows gives a nice image of the project
Already during startup, the cow project was a huge succes. This project needs no more funding as we have already reached the required number of cows. But we can certainly stilluse your help with our other projects.


Seven large greenhouses are located behind the centre, where various different vegetables are grown/cultivated. At the head of around 16 employees, a manager is responsible for the greenhouses. Every day, the team works hard to grow delicious vegetables for us to sell at the local market. Find out here how you can help us!


The route to an unforgettable Africa experience: Macheo Safaris – we are in direct contact with the best local and most responsible operators of Safari’s in East Africa. According to your wishes and ideas we can create your perfect safari trip. By booking a safari through our connected office you will support Macheo directly. You are also more than welcome to combine your safari with a visit to the Children home.

Water & energy

We are working towards improving our farm through more sustainable initiatives for example farm water collection system. In this project we collect rain water from our green houses and the run off from the open farm through trenches in a dam. The collected water is used for drip irrigation especially during the dry season.

Macheo is also exploring on the use of solar energy to cut down the cost of electricity and to contribute to a better environment.