Investing in parent’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. Family empowerment is a creative and sustainable ways of economically empowering parents so that they are able to send and keep their children in school. Parent can contribute to and benefit from growth processes in ways that recognize the value of their contributions, respect their dignity and make it possible to negotiate a fairer distribution of the benefits of growth. By turning parents into micro-retailers, Macheo enables them to afford to keep and provide for their children.

Macheo understands that for parent to achieve economic success they require skills and knowledge. This includes financial and business training, along with the support to start businesses. This is followed by a clear path to gain, retain and make productive use of economic assets, which will have a multiplier effect for economic growth, poverty reduction and children improved position within their family. Our aims are higher incomes, better access to and control over resources, and greater financial security.

On behalf of all our beneficiaries of this program we would like to express our gratitude to our partners for embarking on this journey with Macheo Children’s Centre.