Macheo Children’s Centre is the main organization in Kenya, under which all the activities fall, such as the Children’s Home, our Outreach programs and the Income-generating projects. Macheo Children’s Centre Kenya is supported by the Macheo Nederland Foundation and Macheo United States Foundation.
Macheo in Kenya



Macheo Children’s Centre is an official Kenyan NGO (non-governmental organisation). In Kenya, the NGO is the formal legal body and owner of the land, buildings and other possessions. The NGO is also the formal employer of the staff, and the parental rights of the orphanage are in the name of the NGO. All of our activities, such as the Children’s Home, our Outreach programs and the Income-generating projects fall under the Kenyan organization.

macheo staffThe daily running of Macheo Children’s Centre is in the hands of founder Marnix Huis in ’t Veld and his management team. The organisation now has more than 100 employees. As an employer we try to be an organisation where employees feel safe, respected, worthy and see opportunities for personal growth. An active policy of recruiting staff with lower access to the labour market, such as physically or mentally challenged people, is in place. We strive towards a healthy mix of ethnicity, religion and gender.

Macheo also feels a large responsibility towards beneficiaries and donors to use the funds that are entrusted to them, as economically and efficient as possible. Our overhead in 2012 was 2.7% of our total income; we managed to stay far within our goal of maximum 5%.

Macheo United States Foundation

Macheo US is a non-profit, US based organization that fundraises and supports Macheo Children’s Center in Kenya. The founders of Macheo US have spent a considerable amount of time working with the orphanage in Kenya.

Macheo United States

Macheo Nederland Foundation

Macheo Nederland raises funds, organises promotional activities, looks after the communication in the Netherlands and takes care of the administration of the child sponsorship program and the financial support in the Netherlands.

Macheo Nederland