Our activities in Kenya are supported from the Netherlands by the Macheo Nederland foundation. The foundation’s board raises funds, organises promotional activities, looks after the communication in the Netherlands and takes care of the administration of the child sponsorship program and the financial support in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the assistance and involvement of our ambassadors is indispensible! Because the Macheo branch in the Netherlands is run entirely by volunteers, there are no overhead costs and we can guarantee that 100 percent of all donations arrive at Macheo in Kenya.

Would you like to become involved for Macheo in The Netherlands? We are always looking for enthusiastic people to support us with their time, skills and talents.

The Macheo Nederland foundation is registered with Dutch tax authorities as an Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI), so periodic donations to Macheo are tax-deductible.

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The Board of Macheo Netherlands

The board in 2013 : Lizet Friesen (chairperson), Anne-May Leicher (secretary), Freek Wessels (treasurer), Arjan Helmer (communication), Flip de Jong (fundraiser),  Michiel Wolthuis (fundraiser) and Aukje Wolbert (fundraiser).