Macheo US is a non-profit, US based organization that fundraises and supports Macheo Children’s Center in Thika, Kenya.

The founders of Macheo US have spent a considerable amount of time working with the orphanage in Kenya. They were so impressed with the significant inroads to alleviate poverty in the slums and rural area around Thika that they decided to become involved on a more personal level by founding Macheo US. In 2013 Macheo US has received Federal Tax exempt status meaning that any donation made to Macheo US will be tax deductible.

Volunteers run organization so 100% of donations go to Kenya.

Macheo US develops promotional activities to fundraise for Macheo. The Board of Directors consists of volunteers only so there are no overhead costs. Macheo US guarantees that 100 procent of all donations are transferred to Macheo Kenya.  The Board will maintain discretion and control over the funds raised and Funds will be transferred to Kenya for the specific project funding agreed upon.

Macheo US has forged links with Michigan State University as in 2012  a number of undergraduate students designed prototypes of devices tailored for use by Macheo and its outreach programs. For more information please contact Brian Thompson, a Senior Fellow for MSU Outreach and Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Board Macheo US 2015.

Anne Thompson (President), Lisanne Kandiah (Fundraising Director), Lindy van Kats (Communications Director) and Vitoria Fitton (Secretary). For more information on the activities of Macheo US you can contact the board via Anne Thompson.