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  • As the world faces various kinds of discrimination and inequality in the allocation of power based on gender, girls and women are becoming victims, especially in the rural and urban slums. However, these women are capable of choosing their own lives and changing their social, economical, and political situation through empowerment. Women tend to engage […]

  • On Friday the 16th of August 2013, guardians in Macheo Family Empowerment Program were trained on growing vegetables in sacks.

    This program aims at improving the situation of needy children by making their guardians better guardians.  One of the strategies we use in empowering the guardians is giving information on nutrition, general parenting skills, child development, healthcare and other related topics. Through training, many parents are able to prevent child malnutrition and other related diseases.

    Growing vegetables in sacks helps guardians who live in slums and have no garden, to provide their children with fresh and nutritious vegetables…

  • Macheo has been striving to become less financially dependent through income generating projects (IGP). One of the IGPs is Macheo dairy farming.

    Since last year Macheo have been selling milk to Laki Laki; a company that produce yoghurt drink. Macheo name is written on Laki Laki bottles; this creates more awareness about Macheo in hotels where Laki Laki products are sold. With this partnership, Macheo can support more needy children.

    Please visit for more information about Laki Laki products.

    This short documentary, done by South Africa Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC), talks more about Macheo and Laki Laki partnership.

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