Are my donations to Macheo tax deductible?
All your donations to Macheo US are tax deductible. Macheo US is a USA 501 (c)(3) registered charity which means that your contribution will be entirely tax deductible from your taxable income and you will thus benefit from the contribution you make. Please contact us for more information.
Sponsoring a child
How long can I sponsor a child for?
As a sponsor you not only support a child financially; sponsor parents build up a relationship with their sponsor child. You may sponsor a child for as long as you like; you can of course continue sponsoring a child after primary school, during secondary school and perhaps even during his or her tertiary studies. The above financial estimate is based on the costs of child sponsorship during primary school. If you wish to continue sponsoring your child after primary school, a new estimate will be made, depending on the education he or she chooses. We will encourage all children to study to the best of their ability!
What can I expect as a child sponsor?
Three times a year, each sponsor will receive an overview of the developments of his or her sponsor child. This report will cover the social, physical and academic development of the child, as well as offer an insight into general developments at Macheo Children’s Centre. The sponsor will also be updated on how the ongoing costs of the centre are set up. This is also linked to the school results that will be sent to you at the end of every trimester. Macheo US will ensure you will receive these overviews.
How will my monthly child sponsorship contribution be used?
Hundred percent of all contributions will be sent to Kenya within the month. The monthly cost for a child at Macheo Children’s Centre is 90 dollar, which is donated by sponsors.  Child-sponsors also have the option to  donate 45 dollars a month, meaning many  children in the Centre have two sponsors each contributing half of the monthly cost. And there children who are sponsored by a group of friends or family, who together raise the 90 dollars a month. Macheo strives to attain 90 dollars from the parent sponsor program and the rest from the profits from the income-generating projects.
Email newsletter
Can I change the email address to which the newsletter is sent?
Yes. Enter your current email address in the field on the right-hand side of our homepage and read the instructions in the pop-up window. You’ll receive an email containing a link to your personal information. Change your email address here and save your new details. It’s that simple!
How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email newsletter you have received.
How do I subscribe to the Macheo newsletter?
Click on the subscribe to our newsletter on the contact page. Approximately six times a year,  you will receive a newsletter containing the most important developments at Macheo in Kenya and Macheo US.
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