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Grace Wangui Wanja is a 15 year old from Witethia, Thika (Kenya). Grace lives in a house with her mother and younger brother. Her father abandoned the family 15 years ago. Her mother does not have much money and suffers from emotional problems, which means that Grace is struggling at home. She has two other half siblings from her mother’s previous marriage – her half brother has alcohol and drug problems that are also impacting family life.

She is someone who has a lot of academic potential, a gentle personality, but without the means to continue school and make the most of her talents.

Grace originally went to school at Kuraiha primary school from class 1-4 and was fortunate enough to get a Sponsorship to go to boarding school from class 5 to 8. She sat for her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam last year and performed exceptionally well, achieving 404/500 marks. This provided her with the opportunity to attend a National School.

But then things became more difficult for her. Unfortunately Grace’ sponsor could not continue helping and withdrew his support. This has placed incredible stress on her mother, Joyce Muthoni, who has been torn between recognizing her daughters talents, but dreading every exam result that increased pressure to provide schools fees. As a fruit seller with another child in High School to provide for; the stress coupled with problems at home has unfortunately caused Joyce to make two suicide attempts.

grace3In spite of her problems, Grace’ mother knew she had to try to get her daughter through school, even if it meant not attending the National Secondary School. She approached Ruchu Girls School inThika, and with some generosity from the headmistress and left over sponsorship money was able to secure attendance for Grace for half of the first term. It’s come to our urgent attention that this period of Sanctuary is coming to an end. However, the headmistress has been kind enough to let Grace stay in school. She performed extremely well with a mean grade of A-!

The mother of Grace can’t afford to pay the fees, so it seems Grace has to stop schooling very soon. The only chance she can get back to school is as soon as possible raise money for her to support her in her talents and dreams. We are seeking funding for her complete education, so she can finish school. We will give her guidance during her education.

As a sponsor you will receive three times a year a report on her situation and progress at school. Providing support to Grace to continue her studies would transform not just her life, but the life of her mother and her younger brother.

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