Thank you for starting a fundraising campaign for Macheo.  Your efforts will help to give underprivileged children around Thika a better future, and can improve the circumstances in which they grow up in.

1. Select a cause

Start your campaign by deciding whether you want to raise funds for Macheo in general, or select a specific program of Macheo. Depending on your interest you can select one of the five Macheo programs. You can run a fundraising campaign by yourself or together with family and friends.

2. Create a campaign-page on our website


You can do pretty much anything to raise funds for Macheo — give meaning to your birthday, ask for donations instead of holiday gifts, run a race, organize an event within your company or do some other challenge. Send an email to and we will create a personal fundraising page for you or your event! People can donate directly through your personal fundraising page with PayPal or iDeal and leave messages for you. You will receive a login to customize the page to your liking.

Contact Arjan

3. Run your campaign

Kick of your campaign and connect to your friends, colleagues and family to donate to your campaign. After your fundraising activity is completed, we will report back to you on the impact you have made with the money you raised. Please rest assured that 100% of the money you raise will go directly to Macheo Kenya.

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