Macheo’s Child Sponsors provide an investment in the future of a child. As a Child Sponsor you cover the cost for the care of a child at Macheo Children’s Home or their Secondary School. Child sponsors give a child the opportunity to grow up in a caring and loving environment, and to receive an education.
Children’s Home Sponsorship

By becoming a child sponsor of Macheo’s Children’s Home, you support a child to get a chance at a better life. Our child-sponsor program means that by your long term commitment, we can finance the most important cost of taking care of a child, including meals, clothing and schooling, but it also covers part of the staff salaries and medical costs.

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Secondary Education Sponsorship

The focus of Macheo’s Secondary Education Program is to make it possible for young girls to attend secondary school.  Attending secondary school has many positive effects on the girls themselves, but also on their current and future families. Educating girls  has a proven impact on lifting communities out of poverty.

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Documentation on child sponsoring

Are you interested in sponsoring a child within one of the programs of  Macheo? We have compiled the most important information about sponsoring our children in  the information package child sponsoring (pdf file 80 kB, available in Dutch only). You can also read the Frequently Asked Questions online:…ct/frequently-asked-questions

Have you already decided you want to become to Child Sponsor one of our children? Please contact us or fill out  the child sponsor form (Word document, 209 kB, available in Dutch only).

Donations to Macheo are tax-deductible in The United States and in the Netherlands, as Macheo is registered with the tax authorities in both countries.