Each contribution helps to make a difference in the lives of the children of Macheo!  Please support us to give children in Kenya a better future.
Sponsor our programs

Macheo aims to help children by running five different Macheo programs. Each has its unique character and supports children and families in a different way. You might be specifically interested in one particular program for example education, nutrition, health or family empowerment. We embrace the involvement of specific sponsors, who are getting involved in our programs and projects. We will happily exchange ideas with you. Please contact us if you have a special interest in one of our programs and want learn how you can contribute.

General sponsoring

Like any organization, Macheo Kenya has operational cost which are required to support the children. Examples are salaries of the social workers and housemothers, cost for the maintenance of the cars, petrol and office supplies. It is not always easy to find sponsors to help us cover these cost. We need to stress that these are only operational expenses made in Kenya! Both foundations, Macheo The Nederlands and Macheo US,  are entirely run by volunteers, and therefore have no overhead cost what so ever. Macheo welcomes any donation made to compensate for these general cost.

Sending Goods

As the past has shown, sending goods to Kenya is very difficult. Generally speaking is not easy and expensive to arrange transport for goods to Kenya. And even when transport has been arranged, unfortunately Macheo Kenya not always has had good experiences with Kenyan customs. The best solution is to limit you goods or presents so it can be taken along  in the airplane, as people frequently travel to Kenya. For people from the Nederlands we can contact Wings of Support. Please always contact us in advance, and we will help and advise you in any way we can!

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