Being able to read and write is essential. Written words are gateways to knowledge and opportunity that are only accessible to those with the ability to understand them.

Macheo believes that strong literacy and numeracy skills lay the foundation for all students to succeed at school and their daily life. We understand that without a strong foundation of literacy skills, children are more likely to struggle throughout their education and see their potential hampered. In the areas where we work, numerous barriers prevent students from developing the literacy skills they need to thrive. These include a lack of educational resources, minimal exposure to age-appropriate books and overstretched infrastructure. We evaluate the extent of these main barriers and work in partnership with local governments to assist schools to address the specific challenges they are facing and ensure students have what they need to develop strong literacy skills and a habit of reading.

We transform schools into child-friendly learning environments with teaching materials and libraries full of engaging children’s books. This ensures children have access to materials that are carefully designed to develop their literacy skills, as well as to foster excitement about reading. We equip them with the knowledge and skills to continue activities in schools and to source books themselves while also facilitating the work of the classroom teacher to ensures each student has equitable access to resources, irrespective of home opportunities or constraints.

We thank our partners for their continued support.