The Macheo Children’s Home is located on the Macheo Campus and it provides fulltime care for vulnerable children, who are unable to live with their families in the surrounding communities. Housemothers at Macheo have created nurturing family-oriented settings, so that children can live in a safe, caring, and stimulating environment. One measure of success is that during the past 10 years, Macheo has transformed the lives of more than 100 children. Currently 56 children live together in the compound.

How does the program work?

At Macheo Children’s Home we strive to create a social environment where young children live happily in a secure, responsible and encouraging setting, that promotes the attainment of their full potential. The children are admitted when the circumstances at home are unacceptable, or when there is nobody to care for them. They are assigned to a specific housemother who has received training in counseling and effective parenting skills.

To create a family-like environment, a group of children of different ages and gender, live together in a house with a housemother. Furthermore, the children at Macheo are one big family, playing sports, joining clubs and engaging in social events like birthdays, despite living in seven different houses. Each child receives individual attention for their personal development, and children attend a Kenyan school that’s compatible with their personal needs, development and learning capabilities. They also attend their own place of worship.

Macheo encourages regular contact between the children and their extended families. To further stimulate reintegration, social workers empower the families of these children with information and help to create a child-friendly environment at home. When the parents of a child are unknown, Macheo attempts to find these parents in cooperation with local officials because the belief is that the best possible place for any child is with his or her own family and in their own culture.

Macheo Children´s Home Facts

  • Kenya has an extraordinary amount of orphans and vulnerable children that are mistreated, abused or abandoned.
  • The Macheo Children´s Home was established in 2005 with 2 children
  • It houses 56 children ranging from infant to 17 years old
  • Since 2005 Macheo Children´s Home has taken care of 103 children.
  • In 2014, 16 children were reintegrated with their families.
  • In 2014, 7 children from the Children´s Home attended high school.